Okay, so I’ve started another new challenge one which will push me a bit but is very doable and has been done by several long time pros. This challenge came highly recommended by my mentors.

This challenge will last for a year or longer. It’s more like a streak really but this will get me started.

The challenge is to write a short story a week for a year. The goal after that is continue on and beat my mentors record of a total of 72 weeks. He told me I should keep going on for as long as I can and that the only reason he stopped was by choice.

So that will get me started and it will also give me the opportunity to play around in other genres as well.

Great fun.




Hello there folks.

This is really not a New Years resolution. This has more to do with timing and just so happens it’s at the start of the year but great timing because it will make everything easier to track.

This year I will be writing 30 stories in 60 days, basically that comes to 15 stories a month. something that is very doable for me.  15 stories ao month gives me time in case some of the tales need be longer. I never know how long the story is going to be when I set out to write them. I just write them and let the story be what it wants to be.

This is from Dean Wesley Smith’s challenge. I didn’t sign up with him to do it but I am following along and doing my own thing.

My plan is to write 15 stories a month all year. Yep. All year long. I will be publishing them all in little collections. Some will be mailed out to magazines like one that is going out in a couple of days once their submissions open for the year but I won’t be sending out too many.

At first this didn’t seem like a lot to me but when I did the math I was blown away. 15 stories a month comes to a total of 180 stories for the year.

Combine those in 5 to 6 story collections comes to 36 small collections. plus there’s going to be some 10 and 20 pack collections as well.

Plus I’ve learned a thing or two about covers as well and can now produce them on my phone with this wonderful app I have. Not to mention I found it easier to do on my phone than on the computer.

So I do hope you follow along. Every once in a while I’m going to put a few things up on here as well so you may want to check in from time to time or subscribe.

My first story for the month and first for the year is done. It is called THE INCREDIBLE MEATBALL MACHINE



see ya soon


First story of the month is done. I should be ashamed of myself for the kind of story I wrote this time, I really should. To think something like what I’d written could come from the depths of my sub-conscience mind is a bit scary (grin)… in a fun way of course.

I didn’t have a clue what I was going to write. I did my usual, set a timer for fifteen minutes and took off.  Wrote up to another 1000 words or so, took a break then finished up. It’s about two young boys who break into a house and discover there are some secrets. There are reasons some houses are out in the boonies. No, it’s not a haunted house. Though I probably should write a haunted house story just to see what I’d come up with.

On that note, below is a link to my five-story collection of SPLAT tales that is out in all major retailers now. If you like fun blood and gore horror stories you may want to check it out.

Till then, stay in touch






Moving right along

On the story challenge. Off to a good start. I need to go back and put my stories in a separate folder for each month. Way too easy to lose track. This is a lot of stories but once I come through this I will no doubt be a much better writer. Plus I have a learning program I’m taking along with a few other professionals. Writers never quit learning on how to tell better stories.

I did miss a day of writing yesterday so no story was done. I realize that there will be some non writing days. Thats just going to happen. I was told by another long time pro that he used to write an extra story to put in the bank when he could, save for those days.

A year seems like a long time but it really isn’t.

Goes fast.

All these stories are going to be published as well in 5 and 10 story collections. So I’ll post them when I do.

Till then.

Keep in touch

STORY #4 A lesson learned.

Story number four is finished. Turned out be what they call a list story of a recipe. It didn’t start out that way. I actually started out with a character in a setting and after about three lines decided it would be more fun to write it as a list. Maybe the Thanksgiving holiday had something to do with it being a recipe. I’ve learned not to question the motives of my creative side and go with it.

There are times it’s hard to just go with though. While I do work another job which irritates me at times I had to learn to block out all the political nonsense while I write. If you don’t learn to block these things out it will cause you problems in your writing, such production, which back when I started this challenge this was the major problem that I allowed to stop me.

Truth is, this company doesn’t pay me enough money to worry about their problems. I simply work for them. Not my rules. Not my company. They’re not going to listen to me anyway.

Not to mention ever since I-phones came in micro managers monitor your every move almost. Nobody has had any peace or privacy since their creation.

I can see them sitting at their desk. Let’s check on so and so. Let’s see how things are going.

Why isn’t this done?

Why didn’t he do that?

If you’re in the work force then you know how it is. I don’t need to go any further. We all know that one word that explains why everything is all jacked up.

Makes me wanna punch somebody sometimes.

And while I’m writing this I just had a story begin to develop here. See how this works? And I’m a splattery type writer too so it should be a real blast.

Sure hopes it ends well.


Till then, have a great day.


Yesterday was the first day of my new writing challenge.  This was a challenge I attempted to do a couple of years ago and got as far as 45 days. Still, I ended up with a lot of stories with some of them published.

New challenge is I am going to write a short story a day for  a year. Except this time I’m not going to post them. I’m going to post a few here and there but I’m not going to do what I did the last time and post every single one. That takes time away from the writing. I will be posting an update every day for those interested in following along plus it helps me keep track.

I also got a few suggestions from a professional writer friend of mine and he gave me a couple of tips. He said it was perfectly doable. I just had to kick a couple bad writing habits out of my way.

This time I’m coming at this a ton less critical of myself.. In fact, today, Harvey Stanbrough just posted something about a writer having the confidence. It was a great quote.

The other day somebody asked me since I do all this writing he wondered why I never write any novels. He found out I was a writer and looked me up as with what most people do these days.

Hmmmm. This was a problem I had about a year ago so I contacted my two writing mentors, Harvey Stanbrough and Dean Smith and voiced my mental problem I was having over it. Harvey told me that I had answered the question myself and that I was right the first time when I said I shouldn’t worry about it.

Dean told me the same thing by telling me just let the stories be what they are. He said he was that way a lot in that we both love to read and write short fiction.

So, here we go. I hope you follow along and stay in touch.